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FRISCO, Tx. –¬†A little girl’s perspective on police is forever changed, thanks to one positive experience.

Earlier this summer, Michael Harris was driving with his daughter when a Officer Mike Collins pulled them over.

Harris’ daughter, Mikylie, immediately started to cry.

“She’s seen a lot of stories on the news and one time she asked me why black people and white people are killing each other. I didn’t know what to say,” Harris told WFAA.

Collins officer calmed Mikylie down and started to talk to her, even letting her sit in his patrol car and turn on the lights.
“It meant a lot to see him take the time,” said Harris.
Harris walked away with a ticket, and a heart filled with gratitude.
He was so thankful to Collins that he posted about the positive experience on Facebook, along with a photo of his daughter and the police officer together.
Collins said he was thankful for the experience, too.
“It’s a pleasure to see someone raising their children so well,” said Collins. “It renews your hope in humanity. Mr. Harris is an excellent dad.”