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WELDON SPRINGS, Mo. – Two Missouri families are in disbelief after learning their adopted daughters are actually biological sisters.

The Maneage family adopted their daughter, Ellianna, from China in 2010.

“We knew she was ours right away,” mom Staci Maneage told KTVI.

Staci and her husband Jim met another couple hoping to adopt through their church. Soon, Steve and Paige Galbierz adopted their daughter, Kinley, from a different orphanage in another Chinese city.

Staci had an old photo of Ellianna from her time as a child in China. When she was a strikingly similar photo of Kinley, she knew she had to get them a DNA test.

After some persuasion, everyone agreed.

A few weeks later, Staci got unbelievable news.

“They’re related. Unbelievable,” Steve Galbierz said.

DNA tests showed that it was 99% likely that Kinley and Ellianna were half sisters, sharing one parent.

Kinley, 7, and Ellianna, 10, are completely inseparable. They live about 3 minutes away from each other in their Missouri town.

Their families call it a miracle.

“That’s how much God loves Kinley and Ellianna,” said Jim.