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AUBURN, Ala. – A family is thanking NASCAR driver Kyle Busch for giving their special-needs son a memory he’ll cherish forever.

Holman Head is a student at Auburn High School in Auburn, Alabama. His lifelong friend, Taylor Johnson, recently asked Holeman to accompany her to homecoming by dressing up as his favorite NASCAR driver, Kyle Busch.

WBTV reports that when Busch saw the story, he wanted to get involved to give the pair an unforgettable homecoming experience.

“We are going to send you a Number 18 Interstate Batteries Toyota Camry to give you two a ride to the homecoming dance,” Busch told the pair in a personal video message.

Then Busch invited them to a race in Talladega to meet him in person.

“I also think that since we are racing Talladega in a couple of weeks, you two should come out and join us for the race weekend,” said Busch.

His family is grateful that he’ll have this special memory to hold on to.

“He is faced with a lot of ‘nevers’ in his life, tonight one of those is scratched off of his list and becomes a reality. He will hit the replay button in his mind over and over again,” mom Amy Head told WBTV.