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A husband was brought to tears when his wife revealed she was pregnant during a touching photo shoot.

Photographer Samantha Boos worked with mom-to-be Bri Dow, and together they pulled off the surprise of a lifetime for Brandon Dow.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Boos explained how they managed to pull it off.

“She told him that they had won my session giveaway and were going to do some couples photos. I told them to write 3 words that describe each other on their chalkboards. Brandon’s reaction was priceless when he read her board,” wrote Boos.

Brandon chose the words, “love,” “cute” and ‘sweet” to describe his wife Bri.

When he read what was on Bri’s board, he immediately got emotional.

“As soon as he was reading my board I just kept looking at his eyes and could tell he was so shocked and excited,” 24-year-old Bri told ABC News. “After he read my board he looked into my eyes and said ‘Really?!’ and I said ‘Yes!’ He hugged me instantly and cried with joy. It was the perfect moment and feeling I will never forget.”

Congrats to the happy couple!