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COLUMBUS, Ga. – A Georgia mom is thanking two Chick-fil-A workers for making her son feel special when no one else would.

Kari Merriken, who lives in Columbus, Georgia attended a Star Wars-themed event at nearby Chick-fil-A with her son, Caleb.

Merriken told ABC News that Caleb suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. He relies on a wheelchair to get around.

Caleb spotted a group of boys playing at the event, and he asked to join them. But the boys brushed him off.

“When my son asked some boys in the play area if he could join them, the response was, ‘ no, we’re good,'” Merriken wrote on Facebook.

Merriken told ABC News that she was heartbroken at their response.

“I told him that I wanted him to take this experience and let it make him a better person than he already is. He’s such a good kid with a big heart. He is so brave and resilient. Dealing with his disease is not easy, but he doesn’t let it keep him from enjoying life. He keeps a positive outlook and a strong mind,” said ABC News.

So Merriken went inside to ask an employee for a toy light saber, so she could play with Caleb.

Moments after she came back outside, this is what she saw: two employees engaged in a ‘battle’ with her son.

“I was so thankful that their hearts were moved to intervene,” said Merriken. “Thank you Chick-fil-A and characters!”