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A baby born at just 27 weeks has grown into a healthy, thriving 4-year-old.

The baby boy’s mother posted his photos to Imgur, along with the heartwarming story of his survival.

She explained she had to use small water wipes to ‘bathe’ her baby: “One to wipe each eye, one for your face. One to roll up and put in your mouth so you can practice sucking so you can learn to feed. Yep, you haven’t learnt that yet. So we’ve got to teach you.”

His family pasted a photo of the baby boy’s older brother, a toddler at the time, inside his crib: “Partly cheering you on, partly showing you the craziness you’ll soon enter.”

She ended her lengthy post with a photo of her two sons, walking side-by-side. She said though her son had a difficult start in life, he has an entire future ahead of him.

“We’ve got so many more moments and memories to make. I’ll always remember those times, but I won’t let them define out future,” She wrote.