SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Orders are pouring in to a Sacramento, California mom who is spreading some post-election positivity with a simple message.

Amanda Blanc said she is overwhelmed with the number of orders that are pouring in for her “Make America Kind Again” yard signs.

The graphic designer started selling the signs in October, and didn’t expect the slogan to catch on so quickly. Since the election ended, she has gotten even more requests for her signs.

“They have taken off since election day, and I think it’s because there is a general desire for the movement,” Blanc told the Huffington Post. “So many people have reached out to me thanking me for this, and I think it’s because it’s something that was sort of missing during the campaign season.”

Blanc said the signs aren’t a political statement. Rather, they are a reminder to everyone to look past politics and just be kind to each other.

She hopes the signs help unite the country again.

“You can disagree and I don’t expect to live in this Utopian world, but I do hope everyone takes away the unity behind it,” Blanc told ABC News.

Mom overwhelmed with online sales of her simple yard sign

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