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HAIITIESBURG, Miss. – Months after losing her son in an accident, a mother got some unexpected comfort when she discovered his heart helped save the life of a relative.

According to WDAM, Adrian Murry lost her son, Kendrick, in September after an accident at work. She found some comfort knowing his organs were donated, helping other people live better lives.

As a gift to herself, Murry decided she would find out who received her son’s heart.

The day before her son’s birthday, Murry received a letter containing the identity of the transplant recipient. That’s when she realized his heart went to her cousin, Clintoria Johnson.

“I just lost it,” said Murry. “I was hollering and screaming.”

Murry and Johnson said they saw each other occasionally at family gatherings.

“I would see her with the tubes on her nose,” said Murry, “I didn’t know she was on (the transplant) list. I didn’t know what she needed.”

Johson says she was equally surprised.

“I didn’t know at all. They kept saying a 25-year-old young heart,” said Johnson.

The two have formed a new closeness with each other.

“I think about her a lot. I call her and check on her. She’ll call me and check on me. I call her my son sometimes, my daughter,” said Murry.

Murry says her pastor received her son’s kidney, after she chose him to be the recipient. She plans to find out who received his other kidney, lungs and liver soon.