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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  – An Indiana man took a trip to Europe thanks to his friends and hundreds of generous strangers.

Tom & Kevan check out the opera house from a ledge

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Ken Chandler, 30, suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, which has left him confined to a wheelchair. Despite his devastating diagnosis, he has stayed positive and dreamed big his entire life.

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A few years ago, his friends helped him complete his dream of urban spelunking. They carried Chandler on their backs as they explored the North Carolina sewer system.

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Chandler has since been able to see an even bigger dream come to life: exploring Europe.

places to go paris to see 😎

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“These amazing countries are filled with wonders that would normally be inaccessible to me, from catacombs to gardens to ancient monasteries,” Chandler wrote on his GoFundMe page. Thanks to the support of his friends and hundreds of GoFundMe donors who don’t even know him, Chandler was able to raise more than $35,000 to fund their trip.

He says those strangers helped ‘carry’ him through Europe just as much as his friends did.

airport vibes ✌🏼️ after a long day of travel we are finally in Paris!

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He hopes to write a book from the experience as well as create a documentary.

Chandler posted the incredible photos of the trip to social media while abroad.

You can follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram.