ALBANY, Ga. – A thankful Georgia community is giving back to a man who means so much to them.

Mission Change came up with idea to surprise Chris Sryer with a brand new car after his was unreliable and would sometimes not even turn on.

Sryer works several jobs, including at Loco’s and the Salvation Army, and he is often trying to get his car working. Mission Change’s executive director LaDonna Urick said sometimes Sryer would have to ask for rides or borrow his sister’s car.

This is hard to do when he gets to work around 3 or 3:30 a.m. He is responsible for cooking meals for 100 people every day at the Salvation Army.

The organization said Sryer is such an important part of Albany, Georgia and they just wanted to say thanks for his hard work.

So on Saturday, members of Mission Change surprised him outside the Salvation Army and had his new Hyundai waiting for him.

“Over the summer, we just knew your car wasn’t so good. And you had to flip the hood and get under there and do all of that stuff,” Urick said. “And we just got tired of seeing that. So a ton of people to make this happen.”

Sryer went around and hugged and thanked every single one of the volunteers. He only had one thing to say to everyone.

“Thank y’all so much,” Sryer said.

Right after receiving the car, Sryer had to drive off to sign the final ownership papers.

Urick said Sryer treats everyone with compassion and treats them like a friend.

Half of the donations came from the public and the Seneca Motor Company also helped out.

Man who works several jobs get huge surprise from his community

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