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A formerly homeless alcoholic man says he never thought he’d get his life back on track. But this summer, he graduated from college at 52 years old and says he refuses to go back to his old habits.

Andy Davies of England told Wales Online that at just 16 years old, he got hooked on alcohol when he moved to the city for the first time.

“Drinking was a major part of the culture, and I became alcohol-dependent within 18 months,” said Davies.

His alcoholism eventually cost him his job, and Andy became homeless. Every night, he slept on his friends’ couches.

Soon, he says he ended up stealing to feed his addiction.

He ended up going to court for theft, and a judge sentenced him to a month in prison.

“Going to prison was the best thing that ever happened to me,” said Davies. “I had to be separated from alcohol. I was able to reflect on life, where’d I’d been and where I was going.”

Davies was able to access support services in prison. When he got out, he spent six months in rehab, and by the end he says he was changed forever.

“My desire to drink alcohol had left me,” said Davies.

In 2013, Davies enrolled in classes at the Uniiversity of South Wales. He earned a degree in English and a qualification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

He says he’s grateful to all the people who helped him along the way, and now he has big dreams for the future.

“As one lecturer told me – if you aim for the moon, you might still grab the stars. And thinking about the education, and how great learning is, it’s gives you more of a hit than drink or drugs ever can.”

(H/t Wales Online)