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A man managed to pull off the ultimate surprise for his girlfriend, proposing to her and marrying her all in the same day.

Alfred Duncan, a musician, asked his girlfriend Sherrell Woodward to marry him at noon on Sunday in Washington, D.C. By 6:00 p.m., they were married.

He posted updates to his social media accounts. Their families and friends were in on the surprise, but Sherrell had no idea.

The first post showed Sherrell sitting down at a restaurant, telling Alfred she was feeling anxious because she knew he had a few surprises planned for that day. But ultimately, she had no idea what was about to unfold.

Right before I pop the question. She has no idea the kinda of day she is about to endure #foreverduncan

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Alfred had arranged for friends and family to meet them at the restaurant. He stood up in front of all of them, took Sherrell’s hands and asked her to be his wife. Of course, she said yes.

She said YES. #foreverduncan. Stay tuned

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Then, he had her taken away to get dressed for what she thought was going to be an engagement shoot.A group of her closest loved ones were waiting for her in a nearby hotel room.

After getting glammed up in a beautiful gown, Sherrell blindfolded and taken to the wedding venue where they would be married.

Wife #foreverduncan

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When she arrived at the wedding venue and the blindfold was removed, Sherrell broke down in tears as she started to walk towards her soon-to-be husband.

Despite being caught completely off guard, Sherrell delivered her heartfelt vows perfectly.

Overall, the day went perfectly, friends and family say. Watch the heartwarming video below: