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PHOENIX, Ariz. –¬†A homeless man is grateful after an observant stranger saw him walking around without shoes in the middle of the summer.

Jon Linton posted the heartwarming story to his Facebook page, explaining he was at as stoplight in Phoenix when he saw a man cross six lanes of traffic with no shoes on. In Phoenix, temperatures can rise to 110 degrees, and the pavement gets even hotter.

“My heart sank as I observed the man make his way to a puddle of water and cool his feet,” Linton wrote on Facebook.

Linton pulled a u-turn, and spoke to the man, named David.

“I’ve been homeless for almost 2 years,” the David¬†told Linton. “My shoes gave out on me.”

Linton quickly drove to a nearby Goodwill store, bought new shoes and clothes and returned to give them to the man. Linton took him to a McDonald’s, where he asked a manager to unlock the bathroom door for David.

The McDonald’s workers weren’t happy to see a homeless man in their restaurant.

“With a sharp and ugly tone, the McDonald’s employee firmly states, ‘This is a restroom for customer’s only. Grab your belongings and leave. Now!'” Linton recalled.

Linton replied, “This man is a paying customer and we will be ordering something to eat after he uses the restroom. Please open the door!”

As David washed up in the bathroom, Linton bought food. The two sat down and ate together.

“He went on to thank me over-and-over, and with more than one ‘God bless you,'” Linton wrote.