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An Austrian man gave his girlfriend a wedding and proposal she’ll likely never forget aboard a flight to Greece.

Jürgen Bogner kept the entire plan a secret from his girlfriend Nathaly Eiche. Nathaly thought they were taking a normal vacation to Greece with her boyfriend. She had no idea she was about to be on her honeymoon.

With some help from Austrian Airlines, Jürgen’s plan unfolded flawlessly.

“I wanted to do a big thing,” he told ABC News. “You only do this once in a lifetime and in my opinion it has to be great. It’s the best day of your life.”

Before the flight, Jürgen bought an engagement ring, wedding gown, bouquet and even secured an officiant.

After take-off, people inside the plane started singing Bruno Mars’ “Marry You,” and Jürgen got down on one knee and asked Nathaly to marry him.

“Then he said, ‘OK let’s make this day even more special and let’s get married right now on the plane.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah! Of Course! Let’s do that!'” Nathaly said.

Nathaly’s family was hiding in the back of the plane, and her dad was even there to walk her down the aisle.

All the passengers got a wedding favor and glass of champagne after the ceremony.

Nathaly was thrilled with her surprise wedding.

“Can’t find the right words for all the feelings right now,” Nathaly wrote on Instagram.