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RICHMOND, Va. – It’s amazing how the little things make us smile.

A news reporter with NBC 12 in Richmond, Virginia posted a photo of little Randy, a first grade student, who stopped playing to help his classmate tie her shoe.

The boy’s mother posted the photo to the school’s Facebook page.

“Kudos to Randy’s parents for a job well done!” wrote news reporter Karla Redditte.

The photo has nearly 20,000 likes.

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THERE IS A LOT IN THE NEWS these days about shootings and protests in St. Louis and its surrounding areas. However, here is the good we don’t see. This is a picture of little Randy, who is in 1st grade, stopping to help his classmate tie her shoe at the St. Louis Language Immersion School. His mom posted this picture on the school’s Facebook page. It simply shows there are still true ladies and gentlemen in this world, willing to help each other succeed. (Kudos to Randy’s parents for a job well done.)