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BOSTON – A Boston cab driver is getting a lot of attention for doing the right thing and returning $187,000 cash.

Police say Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland picked up a passenger Friday afternoon. After dropping him off, the driver realized the man left his backpack behind.

He opened it up to look for the man’s ID, and couldn’t believe what he found stashed inside.

“When I pulled the zip down on the bag… and I saw 3 bundles of money,” MacCausland told WBZ.

He admits that for a moment he contemplated taking the money home to his family, who could really use it, but ended up heading to the police station instead.

When police counted up everything inside, MacCausland was shocked. There was a whopping $187,000 in the backpack.

“The heart started pumping because with this man, you wouldn’t think he had $5 in his pocket,” said MacCausland.

Police found paperwork inside the backpack that proved the money was an inheritance. The homeless man eventually came down to the station and gave MacCausland a $100 reward for his honesty.