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DALLAS, Tx. – A family is thanking a 69-year-old woman for giving up a donated liver to save their 23-year-old daughter’s life.

Brenda Jones, 69, of Dallas, Texas, is a great grandmother. She has spend a year waiting for a new liver, after hers started to fail, WFAA reports.

This year, on July 18, she got what she was waiting for: a liver donor. She was rushed to a hospital.

But while there, Jones met 23-year-old Abigail Flores.

Flores’ liver was also failing, and doctors said she had at best one more day to live if she didn’t get a new liver.

Heartbroken by her story, Jones decided to give up her donated liver for Flores.

“In my heart, I wouldn’t have been able to live with the liver if I had let this little girl die,” Jones told WFAA. “And I still had more time … I would have been a very selfish person.”

Flores and her family couldn’t thank Jones enough for her sacrifice.

“If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be sitting right here right now. I thank God for her each and every day,” said Flores.

Jones was put back on the wait-list, and received a new liver just days later.

Both women are now recovering and doing well.