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By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

MCKAY, Australia – A giggly girl stole the show during a Street Talk broadcast on a local newscast in Mackay, Australia, Monday.

7 Local News reporter Scott Linden was ending his segment when he said the camerawoman started giggling, which told him someone was behind him.

Turns out the camerawoman was giggling because Georgia Knoll had taken advantage of the segment shoot to get her own camera time.

Knoll can be seen on the video excitedly waving, smiling, brushing her bangs off of her forehead and grooming her eyebrows for the camera.

The video was uploaded to the 7 Local News’ Facebook page Tuesday.

“A few of the people watching us film came up and commented afterwards how excited Georgia was in the background,” Linden said in a Facebook comment. “Thanks for sharing this one around folks, she’s a gem. This is the most memorable Street Talk of those 400 (episodes) or so.”

Linden gave Knoll the chance to speak to viewers once he noticed she was there.

“Hi Mom. Hi dad. Love you,” Knoll said.

Knoll’s sister, Kathryn Knoll, said Georgia Knoll has the same charisma off-camera.

“For anyone wondering, she’s exactly the same at home,” Kathryn Knoll said in a comment on the video. “Always manages to make us laugh. Light of my life and best friend.”

The video has been shared thousands of times and has nearly 2 million views.

Watch the video below: