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COBB COUNTY, Ga. – Hundreds of people at a Cobb County, Georgia high school football game witnessed a “beautiful” moment between classmates.

McEachern High School in Powder Springs held its homecoming game Friday night.

During half-time, members of the homecoming court marched out on the field to find out who would be crowned queen.

Tyersten Kimber, a special education student, and captain of the “Mighty Indian” cheerleading squad was one of the students selected for homecoming court.

“As we anxiously awaited the crowning of queen, something beautiful happened,” said Krissy West, a speech language pathologist and one of the cheerleading coaches at McEachern.

Senior Kyla Chang was announced as the homecoming queen, but without hesitation, she immediately gave her crown to Kimber.

West says that the girls on the court had decided beforehand that regardless of who won, they would give their crown to Kimber because they felt she deserved to be queen.

Kimber’s mother said she never thought this would happen in a million years, but she is so proud of her daughter.

Tyersten was born just shy of 26 weeks, weighing 1 pound and 11 ounces. She spent 14 months in the NICU, her mother said.

Her biological mother felt she was unable to care for her due to her medical issues and gave her up for adoption.

Mary Kimber worked at the hospital and brought her husband to see Tyersten. She sat in his lap, grabbed his finger and “the rest is history,” Mary Kimber said.

Girl given up at birth becomes homecoming queen

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