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NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. – A woman who spent most of her life living in homeless shelters and caring for her two disabled brothers has now earned a college degree.

Bianca Jeannot, 22, told WABC that for seven years, she and her family lived in homeless shelters in New York.

Her mom, who was raising three children, died when Bianca was just 18-years-old.

Bianca took up most of her mother’s responsibilities, becoming breadwinner for her family.

She worked four jobs, all while staying in school. She managed not just to complete her degree, but to graduate with honors.

She did all that on top of caring for her older brothers in the Bronx. Her brother Paul has renal failure and Michael has Down Syndrome.

Both were in the audience, cheering on their sister on graduation day.

Her professors recognize that she’s well on her way to accomplish great things.

“She’s head of her household. She commutes back and forth, and she does it with a spirit of optimism and gratitude that’s rare in people even decades older,” said Professor Daniel Smith.