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A 97-year-old woman says she misses her best friend and pen pal, after she passed away. Mary and Cathy exchanged more than 50,000 letters over the past 77 years.

Mary told the BBC that the two of them met in 1929 when they were 10 years old at school.

“There was an immediate rapport,” Mary said. “We were hardly ever parted until the second World War.”

Mary said one morning during the war, Cathy’s parents shook her awake in her bed, demanding to know where their daughter was.

“She had eloped! She had gone to Cornwall,” recalled Mary. “They were furious. They didn’t like Harry because he was a pacifist, I suppose, and an atheist.”

After Cathy eloped, they continued to kept in close touch through their letters.

Everyday for 77 years, they wrote to each other, totaling more than 50,000 letters. Each letter was promptly burned after a reply was written. Kathy says not a single letter remains.

“We told told each other everything… Everything,” said Mary. “Don’t ask me anymore.”

Mary said Cathy always gave her the perfect advice, even saving her marriage “just with her words.”

Cathy died in August. Mary said she missed her friend of 87 years.

“I miss writing to her everyday,” said Kathy. “There’s no one like her.”

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