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SURREY, British Colombia –  An elderly couple is back together today after being forced to stay apart.

Wolfram Gottschalk has finally been moved into the same health facility where his wife, Anita, lives. The couple went viral last month, after their granddaughter posted a photo of them crying.

Wolfram and Anita have been married 62 years but were forced to spend the past nine months in separate care facilities. The regional health authority worked to reunite them, but the family worried that they were running out of time. Granddaughter Ashley Bartyik said a family member had to drive 40 minutes, so they could see each other everyday. Every time the couple said goodbye, they cried.

On Friday, Bartyik announced that her grandparents had been reunited at the same health facility. She took to Facebook to thank the local health authority and the media for bringing attention to her grandparents’ heartbreak, helping to speed up the process.

“The reunion saw tears of joy for all involved. They can now be under the same roof for their remaining years,” wrote Bartyik.

Video of the reunion shows the couple holding hands and greeting each other with a kiss.