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CLEAR LAKE, Tx. –¬†A mother¬†is thanking a Texas car dealership for gifting her a free car, after she fell victim to a Craigslist scam.

Socorro Hernandez has been on the hunt for a good deal on a new car. She shuttles her disabled daughter around to doctor’s appointments in Clear Lake, Texas and needed a car big enough to fit her wheelchair.

She found a deal she couldn’t pass up: a 2009 Honda Pilot in mint condition for just $6,000.

She picked up the car and paid for it, but when went to the tax collector’s office to transfer the title, she discovered the car was stolen from a nearby dealership.

When Clear Lake Infiniti got the stolen car back, they knew they had to give it to the hardworking mother.

“Technically she bought the car,” the dealership’s manager told KHOU. “We feel we can make a right out of this wrong.”

According to Clear Lake Infinit, the SUV is valued at about $20,000. They gave it to her for free.

The family is grateful to the dealership for their generosity.

Watch the heartwarming story below: