ALLENTOWN, Pa. – A father didn’t let his multiple sclerosis diagnosis stop him from walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

Scott Holland of Allentown, Pennsylvania was diagnosed with MS more than two decades ago. He never let his diagnosis stop him from doing what he loved.

About a decade ago, MS forced him into a wheelchair. Even still, he coached his daughter’s softball team and taught 3rd grade.

His daughter, Elise, had her wedding date set, and Holland did what he needed to do to make sure he could walk her down the aisle. For months, he went to physical therapy to learn how to walk again, thanks to a new technology called an exoskeleton.

“You forget how to walk. Now I have to stop and think about it,” he told WPVI.

On the big day, he surprised his family with by walking Elise down the aisle. She said she has always admired her dad’s strength.

“I think he’s taught us a lot about adaptability in our life,” Elise said.

Dad prepares for months to step out of his wheelchair for this moment

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