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For their entire lives, Walt and Annie Manis were never very far apart. They grew up down the street from each other.

Walt told that one day when he was just 12 years old, before he was close with Annie, he had a revelation. He says he knew then that one day he would have a daughter with olive skin named Chloe.

Years went by, and Walt and Annie saw each other often at neighborhood gatherings. Eventually the two of them moved to the same town during their college years.

One day, when they were just friends, they were chatting about their dreams for the future. Annie mentioned that she always imagined having a daughter and naming her Chloe.

Walt couldn’t believe it. Just a few years later, the two of them got married.

They tried for nearly five years to get pregnant, but nothing worked. Eventually they turned to adoption.

Through an adoption agency, the couple met a pregnant woman, who was carrying a baby girl. The first time they met, they started talking about a name for the baby. The woman just happened to mention that she had been calling the baby girl “Chloe.”

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