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FRESNO, Calif. — The remains of eight children who died without families after being abandoned finally can rest in peace in Fresno, California.

The remains were contained in wooden urns which were described by KFSN as abandoned, unidentified and alone at the county coroner’s office.

Hundreds came out to pay their respects to the children, passing the remains from one person to another, before being laid to rest in the Garden of Innocence.

The plot has been open for four years and already is the burial site of more than 80 children.

Volunteers hold two burial ceremonies a year for children at the Garden of Innocence inside Mountain View Cemetery.

“Could come from a hospital in a stillborn situation that the family walks away from them, but we aren’t ever given any information,” Roy Bell told KFSN.

There are Garden of Innocence plots at 10 California cemeteries.

Inside Edition recently spoke with the group’s founder and asked why she has made it her mission to name and bury children who have passed away and remain abandoned in morgues and hospitals.

For information on how you can help with either monetary donations or to help build urnsclick here.

Babies who died abandoned finally rest in peace thanks to group of strangers

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