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An observant waitress managed to save an elderly woman who had been stuck in her bathtub for four days.

Doreen Maan, 86, drew herself a bath one morning in Essex, England and was unable to get out. For the next 4 days, she survived by drinking tap water.

“I had gone for a bath at 9.30am and when I went to get out, I couldn’t. I was laying there until the police came,” said Doreen.

Sonia Congrave, a waitress at a nearby restaurant, noticed Doreen hadn’t stopped in for her usual slice of cake and cup of tea for several days.

“On the Monday she didn’t come in and the best thing I did was call the police because I was concerned and luckily I had her address so the police went to check if she was ok,” Sonia told The Southend Echo.

When police arrived, they found Doreen’s patio door unlocked and could hear her calling for help upstairs. They found her in the tub covered in a robe and towels. Other than the few bruises Doreen got from trying to get out of the tub, she was unhurt.

She gave Sonia a key to her home in case anything happens again in the future. Sonia is also buying her a cell phone so she can call for help during emergencies.

“Thanks to Sonia, the police came and found me. She is my biggest friend, I have been visiting the restaurant for years,” Doreen told The Southend Echo. “If it wasn’t for her, I would probably still be sitting there. I kept myself calm and thought ‘I mustn’t panic’ but I never want to experience that again.”