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SAN ANTONIO, Tx. – A high school volleyball player blew her team away when she stepped up to sing the national anthem after the audio system failed.

Marina Garcia is a high school senior in San Antonio. As she and her teammates prepared for the national anthem before a volleyball game, they noticed the CD wasn’t working.

So Garcia stepped up to the microphone and sang the anthem instead, wowing everyone in the gymnasium with her voice. A video of the moment was posted to social media where it quickly went viral, getting hundreds of likes.

Garcia says she was proud to be able to do it, especially during a time when there has been so much controversy surrounding the national anthem.

“I have family members that were in the military that fought for freedom and just to see other people that don’t understand that is kind of offending to me but I understand it’s their opinion,” Garcia told KSAT.

Watch the patriotic moment below:

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