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GREENVILLE, N.C. – A little boy is asking for words of encouragement this Christmas to help him through his cancer treatment.

Little Hayden Drake’s wish is capturing hearts around the country. His leukemia is now in remission, but he still rarely gets to leave the house.

“Some of the medicines make him sick and he gets really tired,” Hayden’s mom, Summer Avery, told WITN.

A trip to the mailbox is often the highlight of his day, and getting cards in the mail never fails to put a smile on his face.

WITN reports friends and loved ones have been sending Hayden “Get Well Soon” cards, but those have dwindled in the past few months.

“We’d get sales papers and stuff and he’d play with the little keys and stuff like that,” said Avery.

Avery’s cousin recently took to Facebook to ask her friends to send Christmas cards to Hayden.

If you would like to send a card to Hayden, postmark it to: 1637 Lum Buck Road, Greenville, NC 27858.