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CULVER, Ind. – A secretary who has been working since 1936 still uses a typewriter to transcribe meeting notes.

“Even though they have a computer and Internet and all that stuff, you still need one hard copy!” 99-year-old Mrs. Elisabeth Davis said, according to People.

Davis has been working for the Head of Schools at Culver Academies in Indiana for 80 years and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

“I just like it… Everybody over here is so good to me,” said Davis.

According to the Culver News, Davis has served under ten administrations at the academy.

Davis grew up on a farm in Culver, Indiana. Shortly after graduating high school, she started working as a secretary at Culver Academies. A few years later, she married the love of her life: a dairy farmer named Eldon.

Soon, they started a family. Davis took a few years off work to raise her kids, but as soon as they were in school, she returned to her secretary job.

Her husband died in 2004, and now Davis finds joy in work.

“It’s better to sit here and do what I can do instead of being home all by myself since my husband is gone,” she said. “I’m so happy I can be of help!”