DALLAS, Tx.- This story proves you’re never too old to adopt.

In a Dallas courtroom this week, Muriel Clayton, 91, finally adopted Mary Smith, 76.

According to the Dallas News, the judge usually gives newly adopted children teddy bears. This time, he gave Muriel and Mary white orchids.

By blood, the two are technically cousins; Mary’s father and Muriel’s mother were brother and sister. The Dallas News says their parents were together one day when Mary’s father suddenly died of a heart attack at age 45.

Muriel, then a young, married mother, took Mary in, as Mary’s mother was getting treatment for mental illness. By age 14, Mary had moved in permanently with Muriel.

They decided to make their mother-daughter relationship official before it was s Muriel’s time to go.

“I have a big picture of my life, my jigsaw puzzle,” said Muriel. “But I needed one more piece to make it complete. And this is it.”


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