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By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – It was his dream come true.

A 6-year-old California boy with cystic fibrosis got his ultimate wish this week when he became a garbage man for a day, The Associated Press reports.

Ethan Dean of Rancho Cordova has always loved garbage trucks, so the Make-A-Wish Foundation planned a special day for him. On Tuesday, Ethan put on a cape that read “Hero Ethan” and rode in a garbage truck around Sacramento with trash collector Sam Thurman. The pair made five stops before heading to the state Capitol for a VIP luncheon and news conference, where hundreds of people gathered in support of Ethan.

“He can’t wipe that grin off his face,” Thurman told the AP. “He looks like it’s Christmas morning and he’s unwrapping his first present.”

What was Ethan’s favorite part of the experience? “Cleaning up garbage,” he said.

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