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By Matt Naham

Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, both 14 years old, went missing last summer during a boating outing off the coast of Florida, leading to a frantic search.

Two days after the boys went missing, which was on July 24, their boat was seen capsized. By the time rescue crews arrived, though, the boat was missing again.

In March, the boat was found a second time in Bermuda, 1,000 miles from home. Inside a box on the boat, authorities found an iPhone, which, as The New York Daily News noted, sparked a serious rift between the grieving families, including a lawsuit that has since been dropped.

This aside, we now know what Perry Cohen’s last message was, and it is heartbreaking.

Cohen sent a text on July 24 saying “Mom, it’s Perry. My iPad is dead, I’ll text you in a little. Love you.”

“OK. I wanted you to sleep home tonight, I miss you. We leave Sunday morning for New York. What about your [school] work?” Pamela Cohen replied.

“But I was going to sleep at,,,” he responded, without completing his thought.

She didn’t know it, but that would be the last time Pamela Cohen would communicate with her son. |