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By Douglas Barclay

According to Us Weekly, Kelly Ripa’s return to “Live with Kelly and Michael” could be short-lived.

Ripa returned to the show less than one week after her co-host Michael Strahan announced he was leaving the show to go work at “Good Morning America.” Ripa found out as the rest of the country did and was reportedly very angry about how the situation went down.

Now a source tells Us Weekly that Ripa may choose to leave the show when her contract is up unless she gets to pick from her dream list of co-hosts.

The source claims that Ripa is pulling hard for either Anderson Cooper or Andy Cohen to replace Strahan in the chair.

“Unless one of them can come on, she doesn’t really want to do it,” the source claimed.

Us Weekly also reported that ABC executives were considering actor Jerry O’Connell to replace Strahan. |