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A dog trained to alert a family to their daughter’s blood sugar levels sensed something was wrong from miles away.

Four-year-old Sadie has type one diabetes and Down syndrome, which can make it difficult for her parents to monitor Sadie’s blood sugar levels.

Hero is a special Labrador trained to detect drops in blood sugar. Hero will whine and paw Sadie’s parents to alert them to a change is Sadie’s blood sugar, according to KUTV.

In December, Hero proved just how important he his.

Sadie was at school five miles away from her Utah home when she suddenly started whining.

“He’s normally a very quiet dog. Whining is not in his protocol. But he just started whining and he would not stop,” said mom Michelle.

She called the school, and asked them to check Sadie’s blood sugar. Everything looked fine at first, but within a half hour, Sadie’s blood sugar dropped from 122 to 82, nearing dangerously low levels.

If it dropped much lower, Sadie could have slipped into a diabetic coma.

“I think it’s like mother’s intuition,” said Michelle. “These dogs have abilities and senses beyond our understanding.”

Sadie’s dad couldn’t agree more.

“I’ve always called Sadie our little angel, and I think Hero was a little angel sent into our lives to watch over her,” he said.