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PORTLAND, Ore. – A grateful mother went above and beyond to repay a hard working baggage handler who made sure she caught her flight in time to make her son’s surgery.

Heather Nashelle posted the story to Facebook last month, thanking the man and asking her friends to help repay him for his kindness.

Heather, from Portland, Oregon, runs a jewelry business. She was one her way home from a trade show in New York, with 350 pounds of luggage from supplies she bought for her business.

According to Good New Network, as she tried to check in her luggage at LaGuardia Airport, her credit card was suddenly declined. She immediately started to cry, knowing she may miss her flight, which she had to catch to be back home in time for her son’s surgery.

A baggage carrier named Gus saw Heather’s distress and immediately paid the $150 fee. He escorted her to security, warning TSA that she needed to make it to her flight on time.

The two exchanged contact information, and Heather was able to pay him double the original amount he covered for her — but then she took it a step further.

She created a Facebook status asking her friends to buy a $15 bracelet online. All that money would go to Gus, to prove to him just how much his kindness meant.

“This man exemplified trust, humanity, incredible kindness and went out of his way to help me,” wrote Heather on Facebook.

She managed to raise about $3,000 for Gus in just a few days.

“I have heard from both his son as well as staff members that have worked with him over the years and they had such kind things to say about him as a human soul,” Heather wrote in a follow-up post.

Heather’s jewelry company donates one meal to the homeless for every piece of jewelry sold. For more information, click here.