GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Jayden Hayes, 4, wanted to honor his dad, Sergeant Jermaine Hayes, this Halloween by dressing up as him. His dad has been deployed in Iraq for the past 8 months. What Jayden didn’t know was that his dad had some extra special tricks and treats up his sleeve this year.

Jayden proudly donned a military uniform for Halloween. It looked just like the one his dad has worn in Iraq, WCJB reports.

Jayden and his mom attended a trick-or-treating event in Gainesville, Florida last week, and though he was thrilled to have a bag full of treats, nothing could have prepared him for the trick his dad pulled on him.

As Jayden happily trick-or-treated his way through the street, the crowd parted, revealing his dad standing in front of him, still dressed in his matching uniform.

“Daddy!” Jayden yelled as he sprang into his dad’s open arms.

According to WCJB, Sargeant Hayes isn’t expected to get deployed again.

Check out the heartwarming reunion below:

4-year-old gets huge surprise after dressing up as his dad for Halloween