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By Brett Rosner, WSB-TV

CLEVELAND – A budding entrepreneur is making waves with his lawn mowing business – and it’s all thanks to a video that’s reaching thousands of people.

Instagram user @Deonshotme posted video on June 20 of the 14-year-old explaining his invention that allows him to tow all of his equipment in one contraption.

“I like cutting grass and I have yards that are way too far, so I don’t like walking or pushing a lawnmower, a weed wacker or boring stuff, so I saved enough money to buy this bike right here, and I bought a couple pieces of wood. So I got this trailer, this hitch… and I have a crate in front with the gas cans,” the teen said.

The boy doesn’t have Instagram or Snapchat – but he does have business cards.

The Instagram poster remarked the boy is a businessman in the making.