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RACINE, Wis. – Two brothers, heartbroken after recent police shootings, are expressing gratitude for their officers in a heartwarming way.

8-year-old Marcelino McKinney of Racine, Wisconsin has  been handing out plastic and wooden crosses to police officers in his city.

“I said, ‘Keep this in your pocket so you can be safe,'” Marcelino told WITI.

His brother, 11-year-old Michael McAllister, has been handing out blue and black hand-made bracelets to officers.

“When you keep this on your wrist, you just remember that I’m on your side,” said Michael.

The brothers have reached out to nearly 70 police officers since peaceful protests turned deadly in Dallas, leaving 5 officers dead. Since then, another gunman killed three officers in Baton Rouge. The violence came after the deaths of two black men during confrontations with police officers.

“The world’s gone crazy, and the police need something to save their lives,” said Marcelino.

His brother has spent hours making black and blue bracelets for officers.

The officers have been expressing their thanks to the two boys. They gave them Racine Police badges and flashlights.

Police Sgt. Walter Powell even came by their home to thank them personally for all their support.

“What you are doing is worth more than the cross and the wristbands to us,” said Racine Police Chief Art Howell.