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PHILADELPHIA, Penn. – A father managed to pull off an incredible birthday surprise for his son, and now the video is going viral.

Bra Fowler originally posted the heartwarming video to his Facebook page. The video shows Fowler’s son, Braheim, sulking in their minivan as they get ready to leave for a Little League game.

According to WITI, it was Braheim’s 12th birthday. He was heartbroken, because he thought his dad forgot his birthday.

“You still mad at me?” Fowler asks Braheim. “For what? You Alright?”

That’s when Fowler asked Braheim to look in the trunk of the car.

As Braheim opens the trunk, a big smile spread across his face. He pulls out a long, thin box from the trunk. Then, he starts to cry.

“Don’t cry!” Fowler tells his son. “You’re about to make me cry!”

Watch the heartwarming video above.