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KEWAUNEE COUNTY, Wis. – A little boy with a big heart managed to raise $15,000 for charity, all because his selflessness inspired others.

Ten-year-old Blake Kroll has always had a good relationship with the doctors at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

“I go there a lot and I know a lot of doctors,” Kroll told WBAY.

Over the weekend, he attended the Kewaunee County Fair in Wisconsin. While there, he decided to auction off one of his pigs and donate all the money to the hospital.

The pig sold for $500, and when the auctioneer announced that Blake would be donating all proceeds to charity, something amazing happened.

One by one, local businesses started matching Blake’s donation. Several donated $500 each, and within a matter of minutes, they raised more than $15,000, all thanks to Blake.

Blake’s mom said she wasn’t surprised by her son’s generosity.

“Blake’s a pretty humble boy. Very caring,” said mom Kim Kroll. “He takes things to heart very seriously.”

In two weeks, Blake will present the check to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

This boy is setting a good example for all of us. |