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People gasped when a 13-year-old girl started singing during the America’s Got Talent audition. And her performance earned her a coveted Golden Buzzer from the judges.

Laura Bretan walked on stage, clearly nervous for her performance. She gave her mom a thumbs-up moments before the music started playing.

Then, when she opened her mouth, the judges were absolutely blown away. She sang opera with a voice well beyond her years.

“I have never heart anything like that in all the years I’ve been doing these shows,” said judge Simon Cowell. “Seriously. It was unbelievable. And what made it even better is the fact that you are such a sweet person. So humble, not even aware of how amazing you are.”

Judge Mel B. was so moved by the performance that she gave Laura the Golden Buzzer. Ringing the buzzer sends the performer to the next rough, regardless of votes.

Watch the powerful performance above.