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MESQUITE, Tx. — For 18-year-old Dazmon Scott, high school graduation was a bright new beginning.

Scott stood among 600 other high school graduates at his graduation ceremony in Mequite, Texas. Unlike most, however, Scott has spent most of his high school years homeless.

Social workers at the school told Fox 4 that there are about 650 other homeless students in his school district. School administrators say they try their best to provide services for the students. Sometimes the students don’t have any food to eat, a place to shower or clean clothes to wear.

Scott has been taken in by his best friend’s family, and he couldn’t be more grateful for their support.

“I’ve got a home,” said Scott. “It’s not a house. It’s a home. I come home peacefully; I don’t worry about anything.”

This is just the beginning of a bright future for Scott. He plans on graduating college. In fact, he’s already secured a college scholarship to play football at Prairie View A&M.

The district relies on support from churches and community groups to help its homeless students. Information on how to help:

MISD Homeless Program
Jennifer Hulme, Homeless Liaison
Mesquite ISD
405 E. Davis Street
Mesquite, TX 75149