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CLEARWATER, Fla. – A 17-year-old is being called a hero after jumping into a pond to save a 71-year-old driver who crashed.

“He was very emotional and crying and very thankful,” Jordon Litowchak told WFTS. “It’s just a good thing to do, and I’m glad I could do that for him.”

Jordon was in the car with his mom, cousin and two friends Sunday evening when he spotted a small car sinking in a pond. The driver was still inside.

He told his mom to stop, jumped out of the car and with out a moment’s hesitation dove into the pond.

“I had some adrenaline going, but it was just I had to save this man,” said Jordon.

A hospice nurse just happened to drive by and see the ordeal. She pulled over and stayed with the man until paramedics arrived.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the man had severe back spasms while driving, which caused the crash.