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By WSB-TV Community

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – Fifteen-year-old Kendall Robinson began collecting toilet paper following a life-changing conversation with a homeless man in Atlanta.

“I came in contact with a man who told me he only had one roll of toilet paper to last the entire month,” Kendall said.

Her organization, LOVE ROLLS Inc., gathers and distributes toilet paper to agencies that serve those in need, including people experiencing homelessness and senior citizens on fixed incomes.

Since the launch of the organization this past spring, Kendall and other volunteers have donated 15,000 rolls of toilet paper. Several companies have joined the effort, providing toilet paper and warehouse space.

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The founder of the nonprofit Mending the Gap, Fay Josephs, says she is amazed by the 15-year-old’s commitment to the community.

“I brag about her because you have adults that are not participating to help their seniors,” Josephs said. “So seeing a young person like Kendall doing what she’s doing is amazing.