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By Lauren Grose

A group of British schoolboys at Wrawby St. Mary’s C of E Primary School in Lincolnshire, England teamed up to make one classmate feel special.

In their last race together before heading off to different schools in the fall, the group of 11-year-old boys linked arms while running to allow classmate Rory Kettles to place first.

Kettles has Down syndrome.

“There wasn’t a dry eye among the teachers or the parents,” Michelle Drury, 35, told TODAY.

Drury’s son Rio helped come up with the idea. She recorded the video of a joyous Rory sprinting to victory while 11 of his classmates tied for second.

“It was really, really emotional,” Wrawby St. Mary’s headmaster Mariclare Potterton told TODAY. “We want them to grow up to have empathy and understanding, so we’re just incredibly proud of the boys.” |