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YUKON, Ok. – A group of police officers say they will never forget the day he surprised a 3-year-old boy on his birthday.

Little Brayden has autism, and sometimes it’s hard for him to make friends, but mom Terra Hubbard went all out for her his 3rd birthday party.

She bought the cake, the food, and sent out invitation. But when the big day came, all her guests started backing out.

She was about to cancel the party at her Yukon, Oklahoma home when a group of police officers came knocking on her door, KFOR reports.

“They come to my door, and you always think that’s bad,” said Hubbard.

But the officers were there to celebrate Brayden’s big day. They said someone anonymously called the Yukon Police Department and told them about the birthday party.

“Told us there was this little boy with autism who was going to have a birthday party and asked if we could show up,” Yukon Police Captain Matt Hofer told KFOR.

It took a while for Brayden to warm up to the officers, but soon he was sitting in the front seat of a police cruiser.

Brayden’s mom was touched by the officer’s kindness.

“For them to take the time out of the day,” said Hubbard with tears in her eyes. “They have important jobs. It’s scary for them to go to work right now, and just for them to come say hi to Brayden, just to tell him happy birthday means a lot.”

The officers were equally touched to be able to help a family out.

“We’ll never forget that birthday, and we hope he doesn’t either and his won’t family either,” said Lt. Zach Roberson.