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BELLVILLE, Mo. – A celebrity police officer made a special stop on a trip to Missouri to visit a young citizen who recently moved to a new city.

Officer Tommy Norman of the North Little Rock, Arkansas police department has been featured on national news for the kindness he’s shown to kids in his community.

Norman was invited to throw the first pitch at a St. Louis Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. After attending the game and before catching his plane back home, Norman made a special stop to say hello to an old friend: a kindergarten student affectionately nicknamed “Tim Tim.”

Little Timothy Johnson used to live in a neighborhood Norman patrolled in Arkansas. He recently moved to Belleville, Missouri with his family.

Norman made sure to surprise his “partner” at school.

“He talks about that all the time,” said Mrs. Mathenia, Timothy’s teacher, according to the Belleville News Democrat.

Watch the heartwarming video below: