JACKSONVILLE, Fl. – A family is asking for help after learning two of their children have Leukemia.

Lacey and Will Smith have three young children. Two of them are now battling cancer. Five-year-old Liam has been fighting for more than two years now, and recently his 2-year-old sister Emma was diagnosed.

Emma has an identical twin named Ella. Because they are identical, this puts Ella at a higher risk for Leukemia. She will soon be tested.

According to the family’s crowdfunding page, Liam is now in remission and still has about a year left of treatments. Now, big brother Liam is helping Emma get through her treatment.

“He’s been coaching Emma on what to expect, the best rooms to visit in the Children’s hospital and to always ask for more animal crackers after treatments,” the family wrote on their YouCaring page.

The family based in Jacksonville, Florida is now drowning in medical bills. They say they need about $100,000 to help pay for costs related to medical care for both of their children. Go to the family’s YouCaring page to donate and to follow Liam and Emma’s journey.

Mom Lacey Smith is also updating followers on her Facebook page. 

Couple’s 2 children diagnosed with Leukemia, 3rd child being tested

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