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PALMER, Alaska – A former cancer nurse is asking for help to create more ‘princess’ wigs for kids fighting cancer.

According to ABC News, Holly Christensen of Palmer, Alaska started the project to help a friend’s daughter who was diagnosed with cancer.

She made the girl a wig out of yellow yarn to resemble Rapunzel’s hair.

She said traditional wigs tend to be uncomfortable, especially for little kids.

“What better way to comfortably cover a little girl’s head and help her feel like a ‘princess’ again than with a beautiful, handmade yarn wig build on a soft crocheted beanie?” Christensen wrote on Facebook.

Christensen said the special wig was an instant hit and she started getting more requests.

Hoping to make more wigs, Christensen created a workshop to teach dozens of other people to make the wigs that can help a child battling cancer feel just a little better.

She is now raising money for supplies and will give the wigs away to cancer patients for free. If you would like to help, click here.